[registration-issues-wg] [CPWG] Document for Discussion of Possible .ORG Comment

George Kirikos icann at leap.com
Wed Apr 17 12:09:53 UTC 2019

Imposing URS adds compliance costs and risks for registrants of domain
names, that does eventually impact end-users, as those regulatory
costs/burdens get passed along. ICANN should not be imposing such
policies in a top-down manner. The multi-stakeholder model only works
when all impacted parties are represented at the table, and that's
simply not been happening. These non-judicial processes are inherently
undesirable, as they can lead to different outcomes than courts of
law. End-users benefit when the rule of law is respected. ICANN should
not be in the business of creating new laws.

It's incorrect to say that ICANN staff is going to respect the outcome
of the RPM PDP. For example, if the decision is that URS should *not*
be a consensus policy, then will ICANN be eliminating it from the
.org/biz/info/asia contracts? I think not. They'll claim that it's an
"add on" that they've voluntarily entered into, even though it has
direct impacts on registrants.

As for pricing, the mission of PIR is irrelevant. .org registrants
shouldn't be forced to subsidize one non-profit over their own
preferred spending. Even PIR has a tender process for operation of its
own back-end, and doesn't give its own suppliers a monopoly. The 4
registry operators have ample ability to raise prices a generous
10%/yr already, far above the rate of inflation, and far above their
actual costs (which are on the order of USD $1/domain/year).
Registrants of new gTLDs knew about the risk of unlimited price
increases when they registered their domain names, but for these
legacy TLDs, it's a drastic and unjustified change. Those ICANN policy
errors for new gTLDs shouldn't be allowed to spread to legacy TLDs.


George Kirikos

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> Here is a document to support our discussion of a possible comment on the renewal of the .ORG RA.
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