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Proposals from the GNSO for consideration by the team during the discussion
on what At-Large would like to support for the HIT sessions.

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Hi all,

Following our good discussion last Thursday, here are my summarized views
and a proposed approach to the HIT/CC sessions for Marrakech:

   1. The GNSO Council recommends consolidating several of the currently
   proposed sessions under a new session titled “Impact of GDPR and EPDP Phase
   1 Recommendations on Existing Policies and Procedures.” This is
   consistent with Recommendation #27 from the EPDP Phase 1 report, and it
   will provide an opportunity for groups to air concerns about impacts while
   helping to identify and prioritize the universe of policies and procedures
   that will need review and possible updating. I believe the current items:
   Combatting Abuse with GDPR, Privacy-Proxy Implementation, and Across Field
   Validation would fit under this consolidated approach. I have attached the
   consolidated proposal for your reference. (This brings three proposed
   sessions down to one.)

   1. Regarding the two proposals for a session on EPDP Phase 2 / Uniform
   Access Model, the EPDP Phase 2 work will have only been under way for 6
   weeks when we arrive in Marrakech. The first substantive meeting of the
   EPDP Phase 2 Team will be May 16. As such, I think it’s premature to
   schedule a HIT/CC session and recommend we defer it to ICANN 66 in
   Montreal. The EPDP Phase 2 work will be mid-stream and progressing in
   Marrakech, so I do not see the value of a HIT/CC session at the end of
   June. It will absolutely be critical in Montreal, as the group should be
   closer to producing a concrete work product for the community to consider
   and to provide feedback. (This removes two proposed sessions.)

   1. We discussed the possibility of moving sessions that are described as
   “updates” to a pre-meeting webinar, but we need to ensure community
   engagement is not stifled. It appears that ATRT3, SSR-2 and NomCom Review
   Implementation are all on track to produce reports prior to ICANN 66, and
   have stated this is an opportunity for in-person community education and
   input. That said, I believe these groups have also extended invitations to
   our respective community groups, so I’m wondering if these are duplicative.
   We have identified duplication as a real issue with ICANN scheduling, so
   I’d be interested in exploring whether these can be moved to interactive
   webinars in June, prior to Marrakech. (This could remove 1-3 sessions.)

   1. The “Future of Multistakeholder Model Governance” session is
   necessary to complete the project kicked off in Kobe by years’ end. This is
   clearly a topic of interest to the entire community. (This session should
   be included.)

   1. The “Enhance Effectiveness of Specific Review Recommendations and
   their Implementation” session is timely, particularly with the developments
   around the Board’s actions on the CCT-RT recommendations. (This session
   should be included.)

   1. There was a good bit of discussion in Kobe around Universal
   Acceptance and it’s an issue that appears to be generating increased
   interests. With the meeting being held in Marrakech, it seems this is a
   good opportunity to continue discussions on the UA and IDN-related issues.
   (I’m ok with this session.)

   1. Speaking personally, I don’t see the DNS over HTTPS (DoH) session as
   having broad community interest at this time. Perhaps this could be a
   regular session, but I don’t think it needs to be a HIT/CC session in
   Marrakech.  (This would remove one session.)

So, I think that would get us to a more manageable number of sessions while
ensuring we are prioritizing subject matter, meeting space and time
appropriately. To summarize, this would result in four HIT/CC sessions with
the possibility of ATRT3, SSR-2 and/or NomCom getting added back in if they
really need the F2F engagement outside of a webinar. Any other sessions
could still be held in Marrakech, but not necessarily as a HIT/CC.


I will complete the online forms as well.



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Review Form

Dear Community Leaders:

Thank you for a productive call last week and apologies for the delay in
getting this review form out to the group. Several topic proposals have
been updated in the report at
https://icann.wufoo.com/reports/icann65-proposed-topics. Updates are also
included below for your quick reference.

Please use the* online topic review form
<https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ICANN65topics>* to indicate which topics
you’d like to see at the meeting as soon as possible, and no later
than *Wednesday,
1 May.*


*Topic Review Form*


*Topic Proposals*


*Current Block Schedule*


*Updated Topic Proposals:*

*#1.*  *Across Field Address Validation - WHOIS Accuracy (RAA) *

*Background:* The IPC needs to understand the criteria associated with the
AFAV RAA obligation that ICANN has set forth. This is a 6-year old RAA
contractual obligation that is being ignored by ICANN.

*Session Goals:* ICANN needs to provide an update on this project,
including recent activities and well as the strategy to ensure the
obligation will be enforced on the Registrars and associated timelines.

*Format:* Open Session

*#6. EPDP Phase 2 *

*Background:* ICANN Board mandate. Extremely important given the UAM
component and need to ensure proper timelines are enforced.

*Session Goals:* Need to ensure proper ICANN resources, budget and
timelines are assigned to Phase 2.

*Format:* Open Session

*#8. ICANN - combating domain abuse with GDPR*

*Background:* RA and RAA obligations to ensure ICANN compliance is
enforcement the contractual obligations as well as what is ICANN Compliance
strategy given GDPR

*Session Goals:* Need to understand ICANN's plan

*Format:* Open session

*#11. Privacy and Proxy Implementation *

*Background:* PDP, Board Mandated

*Session Goals:* The IPC needs to understand why this program remains on
hold due to GDPR and what specifically is the overlap or conflict between

*Format:* Open Session

Best regards,



Tanzanica S. King

Sr. Manager, Meeting Strategy and Design


Office   +1 310 301 5800

Mobile  +1 310 995 3038


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