[registration-issues-wg] [CPWG] Final chance for choices for the HIT sessions in Marrakech

Justine Chew justine.chew at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 08:44:08 UTC 2019

Thanks for sharing this, Maureen.

The list looks lengthy enough and contains topics which I would loosely
group as follows:-

   1. WHOIS accuracy, GDPR, EPDP2, Unified Access Model
   2. SSR2, ATRT3, NomCom Review Implementation
   3. Effectiveness of Specific Review recommendations and implementation
   4. UA
   5. Privacy and Proxy Implementation
   6. DoH
   7. Future of Multistakeholder Model of Governance

My list of priorities for At-Large at Marrakech would be:

   - 7. coming off the recently published call for comments (for talking
   - 3. especially insofar as recourse for the CCTRT report is concerned
   - 1. keeping up with progress of these (for talking points)
   - 4. and 6. understanding the need / best approach for policy
   development (talking point on UA)


On Tue, 30 Apr 2019 at 10:05, Maureen Hilyard <maureen.hilyard at gmail.com>

> https://icann.wufoo.com/reports/icann65-proposed-topics
> It would be good to get some priorities from At-Large, from this final
> list of proposals for the High Interest and Cross Community Discussions.
> Gisella must have our list of priorities by Friday week - perhaps 4-5
> sessions acceptable to At-Large and for which we could create talking
> points for the key discussions at Marrakech
> Maureen
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