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Good morning:

Regarding the BC/IPC comments, jut received:

1.	Recommendation #1, Purpose 2 

I do not support the proposed amendment. (a) it permits too much third party interpretation of what those terms mean. 
(b) that approach has in the past been abused through ‘bulk access’. My reading of Annex F is that bulk access would still be permitted. I disagree.

2.	Recommenations #16 and #17 Geographic Distinction.

My understanding is that ALAC supports a uniform best practice ICANN privacy policy and practice. Neither the EPDP nor BC/IPC reflect this. 
BC/IPC would kick that can down the road. ALAC should restate the At Large position. I see no justification for ‘compromise’ here.



PS:  As far as I can see the EPDP report does not contain a summary statement of their [17] Recommendations. Where are they?

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