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Marita Moll mmoll at ca.inter.net
Mon Jan 7 23:48:51 UTC 2019

Dear members of CPWG:

Justine, Yrjo and I have been working on potential responses to the call 
for comments re: WT5 on Geonames Supplemental Initial Report. Justine 
has again come through with her superior slide making skills and the 
issues in this complex work stream have been organized and explained to 
the best of her (and our) ability. We have penciled in responses to the 
questions posed -- but, as always, they are there for you to consider 
and respond to. It is always easier to start with something than to be 
faced with a blank. So, please, give us your reactions. We are 
especially appealing to the many of you (27 in total) who have actually 
been monitoring and/or participating in these discussions. Let us know 
if we are on the right track.

The bright red stars and red lettering are there to indicate items we 
perceive to be controversial. We would also draw your attention 
particularly to slides 18 and 19 which are asking for our ideas on the 
definition of terms such as "geographic names". In some of these, we 
have not yet entered suggestions -- waiting for your ideas.

Slide deck posted as a comment on wiki page 

Go directly to pdf of slides: 

Please try to take a look at this information in preparation for our 
first round of discussions on this at Wednesday's CPWG meeting, or if 
you can't make the meeting, send your suggestions to the list, to any of 
us personally or put it on the wiki.

Marita, Justine, Yrjo

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