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*Request for feedback on proposal re: definitions either on list or in 
the google doc:



    *Question e2*


The definition of the term “geographic name” could impact development of 
policy and implementation guidance, as well as program implementation 
details, such as guidance for the Geographic Names Panel in the New gTLD 
application process. In your view, how should the term “geographic name” 
be defined for the purposes of the New gTLD Program? Should there be any 
special requirements or implications for a term that is considered a 
“geographic name”? Is “geographic name” the appropriate term to use in 
this context, as opposed to, for example, “term with geographic 
meaning”? Why or why not

*Proposed ALAC response:  A clear definition of "geographic name" is 
certainly lacking in this discussion. Perhaps what is needed is to 
separate "man-made" places from natural features. In practice, most 
geographic names that the AGB covers, and that have been discussed in WT 
5, refer to some sort of inhabited administrative units of any size that 
are clearly delimited in area and that are under one political 
authority. ( UNESCO regions are an exception).

ALAC suggests that such administrative units should be Category 1 
geographic names. So far, WT5 has only dealt with Category 1 names and 
all proposals so far could be taken to refer to Category 1 names only.

Category 2 would be all the rest: mountains, rivers, seas, plains, 
moors, marches, etc., tentatively called "geographic features". Category 
2 could be dealt with as special cases, according to guidelines yet to 
be drawn. Perhaps there should be panel competent to evaluate the 
historical and cultu​ral values and sensitivities that are attached to 
such names.

In case a name belongs to both, Category 1 takes precedence. It is  
proposed that WT5 continue to deal first with Category 1 names.


*Marita and Justine*

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