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Dear All,

On behalf of Joanna Kulesza, co-chair of the Capacity Building Working Group (CBWG), please see below forwarded message.

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Dear CPWG members,
as promised during our last call, here I am with a kind request for your consideration: as the newly appointed co-chair of the Capacity Building group (together with Alfredo Calderon) I would like to ask you to consider holding a policy development workshop for our members in Kobe.
We thought it might be helpful to get our members introduced to the specifics of policy development: how it works, what it means, how to get involved. This session could also include an insight into current At-Large policy priorities. To give you an idea of what might be considered, the specific themes mentioned in the current CB draft strategy include: 1) balancing privacy and security; 2) jurisdiction (building upon the work of the CCWG-Accountability Work Stream; 3) changing business models that impact IG processes (including but not limited to new gTLDs); 4) safe use of social networks or secure internet;  5) accessibility (in the narrow sense directly linked to the core values) and, potentially, 6) algorithms, AI, fake news and contractual compliance (if can be linked to the core values).
The session could focus on those broad themes important to users or directly on policy consultations that are/will be currently open to guide the participants directly into the practicalities of policy work.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts here on the list or during the next call.
Kind regards,
Joanna Kulesza

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