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Justine Chew justine.chew at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 03:16:01 UTC 2019

Dear all,

I was assigned an action item at the last CPWG Call of 24 Jul 2019 along
the lines of *"**ID of issues - "What subsequent procedures and where else
do we go? Who is audience?"*"


   - Those of you who follow the proceedings of the GNSO Subsequent
   Procedures PDP WG ("SubPro WG") will know that the SubPro WG have in Apr
   2019 commenced deliberations on the public comments received in response to
   the call for public comments to its Initial Report of Jul 2018. And the
   said deliberations, the SubPro WG welcomes input (especially from SubPro WG
   members) whether it be through its calls or mailing list
   - The ALAC has over a long period of time (dating back to 2008) provided
   inputs or advice on various issues relating to Subsequent Procedures
   - At this point, there may not be a further need for intervention within
   the SubPro WG by At-Large/ALAC provided it can be established that our
   inputs or advice have been satisfactorily taken into account by the SubPro
   WG.  This is aside from continuing efforts by several active At-Large
   members in the SubPro WG in helping ensure that the ALAC inputs aren't
   inadvertently omitted, overlooked or misinterpreted in the context of the
   deliberations (especially when an input relates to more than one issue
   within the SubPro WG's agenda).
   - In some cases, the ALAC's inputs in the form of statements submitted
   through the public comments process are shared by other constituencies;
   which leads to a finding of "high level agreement" thus enabling the SubPro
   WG to at least develop a recommendation for the same.
   - *It is the ALAC inputs which are not shared by other constituencies or
   which do not receive sufficient support that we are concerned with now. And
   what we have to now consider is whether we believe such inputs are crucial
   enough for At-Large to keep pressing for and if yes, how. *

*Action Taken*

   - Holly Raiche and I have prepared a list of Issues within Subsequent
   Procedures for which we think At-Large/ALAC have provided substantial
   input, as a starting reference point -- *please go to the relevant
   At-Large Workspace: https://community.icann.org/x/6a_jBg
   <https://community.icann.org/x/6a_jBg>  to view or to comment on this said
   - The idea we and Jonathan Zuck have is to try and highlight, over a
   series of CPWG calls, where the SubPro WG is at in terms of its
   deliberations, on a topic by topic basis, covering only those topics which
   relate to issues within subsequent procedures for which the ALAC has
   provided inputs (or advice).

Since the SubPro WG is currently deliberating the topic of Applicant
Support (during its calls of 24 Jul and upcoming of 29 Jul 20:00 UTC), we
thought we might *try* to properly start our exercise with this topic.

I will be sending a separate email on Applicant Support shortly.

Kind regards,
Justine Chew
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