[registration-issues-wg] [CPWG] Subsequent Procedures Update: Applicant Support Program, snapshot as at 26 Jul 2019

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Tue Jul 30 03:18:32 UTC 2019

Hi Justine,

> From what I can observe within At-Large and beyond, there is no support to
> abolish the Applicant Support Program altogether.

Fair enough.

So, now, from this day forward you have now indeed observed that there is
indeed one stakeholder's view -- an informed view from one of the
initiators of the original Applicant Support Program and co-chair of its
2009 cross-community working group (ICANN's first!) -- that the program as
currently constituted is not only an utter waste of volunteer time. but of
no service to the bylaw mandate of At-Large and a potential threat to
safety and stability of the DNS.

> What is evident, however, is the dissatisfaction of how the Program was
> handled in the 2012 round, as admitted by the SubPro PDP WG Co-Chair in his
> email which was attached to mine.

Good for him; hindsight is always perfect.

In reading the current snapshot I observe that none of the quandaries that
plagued the original effort have really been solved. Furthermore, the
realities of the ICANN of 2019 are very different to those of a decade ago
when the consequences of the TLD round were unknown. Many of the barriers
that the original program sought to address no longer exist.

So At-Large may choose, if it wishes, to let other groups in the community
> drive the Program forward with or without At-Large/ALAC's further
> intervention.

I am but one voice, long since departed as an ALAC member. I know what it's
like to dump heart and soul and hundreds of hours into futule ICANN
activity, and the Applicant Support TNG effort shows all the promise of a
splendid repeat.

With or without ALAC's participatioon, Applicant Support TNG will likely
fail just like its predecessor.
With or without ALAC's participation, the benefit to end users of even a
marginally useful Applicant Support TNG are non-existent.

But, hey, it's your time to waste.

- Evan
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