RZ KSK Supporting Documentation Update

Andres Pavez andres.pavez at iana.org
Thu Jan 21 01:55:27 UTC 2021

To Whom It May Concern,

Our most recent annual review of DNSSEC KSK supporting documentation was completed on 4 November 2020 with our Policy Management Authority (PMA) Board.

Our team is pleased to announce an updated version of our DNSSEC Practice Statement was approved and has since been published. In summary, this version updates grammar, format, and accuracy as well as references to relevant documents. The full changelog is included in the DPS.

In the interest of transparency, we have additionally published all policies, plans, and procedures supporting the DNSSEC KSK operations. We trust that the availability of these documents will benefit both those interested in the security and stability of the root zone, and the wider internet community.

These materials can be viewed at the IANA website at the following URL:

Best regards,
Andres Pavez
Cryptographic Key Manager
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