[social-media-wg] Call for Social Media Liaisons for At-Large WGs

Dev Anand Teelucksingh devtee at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 14:35:26 UTC 2014

Dear All,

During Social Media WG call on Tuesday August 19 2014, participants agreed
to the idea that our WG members will serve as ‘Social Media Liaisons’ for
other At-Large working groups.

For the people who weren't on the call, I would like to elaborate on the
idea and ask for your support:

Many of you are involved in other At-Large Working Groups (
https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Working+Groups), such
as the Future Challenges WG, new gTLD WG and the Capacity Building WG. As a
Social Media Liaison for a WG, you will become the reporter and provide
short regular updates on WG activities.

The intent of the ‘Social Media Liaison’ initiative is to

- encourage ALS members to continue to engage with the At-Large community
after #ATLAS2
- helping ALS members following our At-Large Social Media Accounts to
understand what WGs do and encourage them to participate by becoming
- promote At-Large WG activities to curious outsiders (following our
At-Large Social Media Accounts ) that could decide to become members of

Regarding the content of the WG updates, there are several possibilities:

- Upcoming WG call time, call info, AC room link
- Key agenda items discussed during the calls
- Key deliverables produced by the WG - draft Articles, statements,
presentations discussed on the public WGs’ mailing lists and the conference
- Key decisions made by the WG

There are two ways for you to relay WG information to Ariel Liang from
ICANN Staff who is in charge of the At-Large Social Media accounts :

* If you have a Twitter handle, you may tweet the WG updates on your own
while mentioning @ICANN_AtLarge in the tweets. In that way, Ariel will get
an automatic notification of your tweets and can quickly retweet via the
official At-Large handle.

* If you don’t have a Twitter handle, you can Skype or email the updates to
Ariel, and she will tweet it out.

If you like to be a Social Media Liaison for a (or several) WGs, please let
Ariel know and she will update the information on the wiki space at

Also, if you haven’t shared with Ariel your Twitter handle and/or Skype ID
(if any), please let her know, so she can follow you/add you for updates.

After collecting the information, Ariel and I will follow up with you on
further implementation details.

Thank You All for your efforts!

Kind Regards,

Dev Anand Teelucksingh
At-Large Social Media Chair
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