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Emily Taylor emily.taylor at oxil.co.uk
Sat Apr 29 08:54:12 UTC 2017

Hi all

As promised on our last call, Eric has reflected on the team's discussions
and produced a third version of our Terms of Reference.  I have made some
additional suggestions.

On our last couple of calls, it has been clear that various team members
have different views on elements of our mandate. This is natural, to be
expected and even encouraged as our work progresses. We are not attempting
to railroad certainty where there is none.  However, in the interests of
achieving forward motion, we would like to propose this version to the
team.  Eric has done a great job in making a fair summary of the Team's
reflections on the Bylaws language, in my view.

I would like to draw your attention to the following changes:

- Summary paragraphs which reflect on each of the elements set out in the
bylaws. These reflect uncertainties where they exist (for example on the
PTI) but in my view give us a strong starting point to say 'yes, that's
what we will be doing'.

- Updated schedule. The end date remains the same, but there is more space
for fact finding and drafting.

- Responsibilities of team members, proposed text for discussion.

- Separate section at the end lists items which are proposed for deletion
based on team discussions so far.  These will not be part of the final
document, but are there for transparency as we move to finalise it.

*Please review this document, and start to socialise any concerns or
comments on the list.  The Co-Chairs hope we can agree the TOR and start
moving forward on the substantive work of the Review as soon as possible -
maybe even on the next call!*

Best wishes to all, and look forward to our discussions on Tuesday.



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