[Ssr2-review] Sub-team realignment

Osterweil, Eric eosterweil at verisign.com
Mon Aug 14 21:02:30 UTC 2017

Hi Team,

We (the co-chairs) have discussed the comments we’ve heard from various sub-team members (primarily the rapporteurs) and our own observations and we’ve become concerned that the overall team is being taxed by the parallelized nature of the sub-teams.  We recognize (among other things) that team members are now slated to have multiple meetings throughout the week to meet their sub-team duties and more.  We propose that we align on an order in which we (the overall team) will sequentially address each of the five sub-team issues on our weekly full-team calls, and we cancel all of the separate, sub-team-specific calls.  We will help rapporteurs manage calls and work with them and staff to help ensure that agendas are created and followed.

We would like to solicit your feedback and discuss implementing this immediately on the next full-team call (tomorrow).

Denise and Eric
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