[Ssr2-review] [Icannsecurity-ssr2-rt] Action items: 14 August

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Team Members:  Please note additional action items below. Your action is needed.

Jennifer: Thank you for this draft; please add the following items to the Task Tracker, as well as additional requests staff has received from co-chairs and Team members.

Sub-team realignment
- (Team Members) Reply on email list to Eric’s Aug 14 note about folding sub-group calls into Tuesday Team call to increase engagement and visibility
Draft updated work plan
- (Team Members) Reply on email list to Denise’s Aug 14 note; details and your contributions to workplan needed
- (Team Members) Please try www.trello.com<http://www.trello.com> and give your feedback on email list; we’ll assume Team members are comfortable using this unless we hear otherwise
Abu Dhabi (Oct-Nov)
- (Staff) Send calendar invites for Team meeting days and additional invites as meetings are scheduled
- (Staff) Report to Team on potential room availability at ICANN meeting for sub-group meetings during week
- (Team Members) Respond to ICANN Travel ASAP & make flight reservations (sooner you book the less it costs the Team’s budget)
- (Staff) Report to chairs on emails to ICANN groups re meetings (date?)
Brussels (Jan)
- (Staff) Send calendar invites for Team meeting days, and report to Team on how soon can ICANN travel can book arrangements

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Subject: [Icannsecurity-ssr2-rt] Action items: 14 August

Hi all,

Here are the draft action items and decisions from the ICANN SSR subteam call on 14 August at 17:00 UTC. Please let me know if you have edits.



Expected Delivery Date

Report on results of NDA meeting with ICANN Legal scheduled for 25 August.

James, Kerry-Ann

29 August

Finalize questions for ICANN subject-matter experts during potential meeting in LA. Distribute to staff so they can identify appropriate resources.

James, Boban

25 August

Provide costing of ICANN SSR face-to-face meeting in LA, 9 and 10 October.


Request ICANN Legal to be present at ICANN SSR face-to-face to rule on availability of documents.


Team agreed to hold 9-10 October for potential face-to-face meeting in LA.


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