[Ssr2-review] Work plan - Sub topic 1 (SSR1 Review)

Žarko Kecić Zarko.Kecic at rnids.rs
Mon Jun 5 23:23:19 UTC 2017

Dear Team members,

Attached is a draft plan (Excel) with the main tasks to review the implementation of recommendations made by the SSR1 Team. The recommendations are grouped on the basis of a briefing in Madrid. This will simplify planning activities related to the review of the SSR1 implementation. Those are main tasks that Sub-team 1 should perform and additional tasks will be added when we dig deeper into review process. 

There are the tasks that overlap with the tasks allocated to the other sub-topics and it is one of the things that need to be resolved as soon as possible. I've made a few comments (see attached document SSR2-Topics-20170603v1.1ZK), but it should be a joint effort of the team. There is no need to incorporate my comments into valid copy of the document since we'll have the joint exercise with the aim of reaching an agreement.

The skills that I used in the draft work plan are:

	Policy and law (PL)
	Business & processes (BP)
	Risk (RA)
	Technical (TE)
	ICT security (IS)

Skills that are added to each task reflect my opinion based on limited knowledge and understanding, and I cannot guarantee that they fully meet the requirements of the corresponding activities. Sub-teams will define the real needs

Best regards,
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