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Hi all,

Below are the draft action items from the SSR2 plenary on Tuesday 6 June. Summary notes are attached. Note the official record of the meeting can be found on the SSR2 wiki here<https://community.icann.org/display/SSR/SSR2+Meeting+%2314+-+06+June+2017+@+21%3A00+UTC>.

Action Items Plenary #14



Due Date

Send written responses to RT questions asked during the presentation on ICANN’s Global Stakeholder Engagement outreach efforts to SSR technical community.

  1.  We’re hearing that the GSE is supporting the work done by CTO. So, what do we mean by help support? And what is the relationship between this engagement and the IANA functions? (AA)
  2.  A lot of the presentation was about sending the message out. How does it work going the other way? You point to passive mechanisms but what about active measures? (GH)
  3.  Regarding L-root operations and hosting: What is the planning process vs. passive response? Is there a master plan for anyone who operates, in terms of Anycast? And how is that overall process implemented? (GH)
  4.  What efforts does ICANN take to inform the policy debate as it is taking place vs. after the fact? (GH)
  5.  How does GSE work specifically with the ccTLD community on SSR? (JM)
  6.  How is your work is coordinated and support the OCTO and SSR teams commitment to engage and seek input from the broader SSR community that’s not necessarily active in ICANN. Including their obligation to get input/interaction from them on SSR Framework and strategic priorities. How are you involved and how does the coordination occur? (DM)
  7.  When do you think in terms of GSE that the focus on explanation/teaching of what ICANN does will shift to more of an interaction/ substantive engagement?



Share thoughts and continue discussion on list regarding presentation of ICANN Security and SSR1 subtopic work plans.



Share thoughts on list on how to be more open to observer inputs.



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