[Ssr2-review] Role of observers and ways of participating

Emily Taylor emily.taylor at oxil.co.uk
Sat Jun 10 08:52:40 UTC 2017

Dear all

As mentioned by me on the last call, I have received some feedback that
participating as an observer to this Team is not particularly
straightforward.  There is a sense that observers are fairly firewalled
from the discussions on calls (I understand that they are not able to see
the adobe room for example), and this can make it difficult to follow the
discussions. There is also no direct way for them to raise input in real
time, either in our calls or through remote participation in the face to
face calls.

Here are a few questions from me, to stimulate discussions on the list:

-  Shall we keep arrangements as they are, with regard to observer

If you are open to changing the current arrangements, consider the
following options.

-  Able to see Adobe Room during calls
-  Able to participate in Adobe Room chat
- Able to speak on calls by raising hand Adobe Room
- Able to join in list discussions (perhaps with some designation as

Please let me know your thoughts, and of course any other options I may
have missed.

Personally, I feel that we have a small group of Team Members and a small
group who wish to be Observers. In my opinion we should make our processes
transparent and encourage active participation from interested parties.  If
we start to feel swamped or overwhelmed by Observer input, that will be a
different problem which we can review if it arises.




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