[Ssr2-review] SSR1 Briefings

Negar Farzinnia negar.farzinnia at icann.org
Thu Jun 15 20:31:40 UTC 2017

Dear SSR2 Review Team,


Per your request for additional briefings on the implementation of the remaining SSR1 Recommendations, we are working very hard to put together useful presentations and arrange the activities with various ICANN staff needed to support this effort.


As you may know, preparations for ICANN59 have significant impact on the workload of ICANN organization, but please note that we are committed to providing the Review Team with meaningful briefings, much like the work we presented in Madrid, and thank you for your patience while we are making every effort to do so.


There is a total of 28 Recommendations from the SSR1 Review, 10 of which, we provided briefings on in Madrid. Of the remaining 18 Recommendations, the co-chairs notified us of the 4 Recommendations that the Review Team does not want any briefings on (Recommendations 3, 6, 13, and 23), which leaves a total of 14 Recommendations. ICANN org will provide a briefing on 8 of these 14 Recommendations in Johannesburg (Recommendations 2, 7, 8, 9, 17, 20, 21, 22). We will continue working on the briefing material for the remaining 6 Recommendations and will provide an update as progress is made and more briefings are ready for presentation to the RT.


The following table, summarizes the Recommendations that will be covered in Johannesburg:


Recommendation #Recommendation Description
2ICANN’s definition and implementation of its SSR remit and limited technical mission should be reviewed in order to maintain consensus and elicit feedback from the Community.
7ICANN should build on its current SSR Framework by establishing a clear set of objectives and prioritizing its initiatives and activities in accordance with these objectives. This process should be informed by a pragmatic cost-benefit and risk analysis.
8ICANN should continue to refine its Strategic Plan objectives, particularly the goal of maintaining and driving DNS availability. The Strategic Plan and SSR Framework should reflect consistent priorities and objectives to ensure clear alignment.
9ICANN should assess certification options with commonly accepted international standards (e.g. ITIL, ISO and SAS-70) for its operational responsibilities. ICANN should publish a clear roadmap towards certification.
17ICANN should establish a more structured internal process for showing how activities and initiatives relate to specific strategic goals, objectives and priorities in the SSR Framework. It also should establish metrics and milestones for implementation.
20ICANN should increase the transparency of information about organization and budget related to implementing the SSR Framework and performing SSR-related functions. Information should be provided with enough clarity that the Community can track ICANN’s execution of its SSR responsibilities, while not impeding ICANN’s ability to operate effectively.
21ICANN should establish a more structured internal process for showing how organization and budget decisions relate to the SSR Framework, including the underlying cost-benefit analysis.
22ICANN should publish, monitor and update documentation on the organization and budget resources needed to manage SSR issues in conjunction with introduction of new gTLDs.



As always, we appreciate your comments and feedback.


Kind regards,






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