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Thanks, Steve

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Subject: [Ssr2-review] Response to Action Item: ITHI

Hi All,

In regards to the open action item:

Provide the SSR2 RT a timeline of the ITHI project, when they have clarity on next steps and schedules.

Please see the following response:

The ITHI timeline at this point remains tentative. Much depends on where the community wants to go and on the availability of some of the registrar data (i.e. whois rate limiting issue).
Here is what we expect to do this calendar year:

1) September/October time frame:
   - ITHI workshop with abuse community, tentatively a joint workshop with M3AAWG and/or a workshop at ICANN’s office in DC

2) ICANN 60 in Abu Dhabi: IHTI workshop
- a) Study of whois inaccuracy complaints covering all registries and all registrars
- b) Study of abuse tracking separately spam, phish, malware and botnets for all gTLDs, introduction of a graphical representation model tracking the data.
- c) Potentially extending the same study to all registrars if whois data becomes available

Presentation of candidate metrics and early measurements covering the other areas highlighted in the health definitions:
- d) Study and measurement  of “useful” vs “extra-omnerous” traffic at the root servers
- e) Study and measurement of ICANN DNS registries, and how those parameters are actually used in observed traffic at the DNS root.
- f) Study and measurement of leakage (i.e. TLDs that are not registered but tentative resolution is observed at the root)

3) Future work:
- Start tracking (and publishing) the above data to build a time series, in particular for 2a) and 2b)
- Work on a solution for 2c)
- Refine 2d), 2e), 2f)

The RIRs are working independently on the number track. I’ve reached out to them for a timeline but got no response so far.

At some point, the ICANN track and the RIR track will have to converge.

Further Information from the NRO

We now have an RIR staff draft of ITHI metrics and my best estimate is that we will be proceeding as follows -

- Q3 2017 Conduct Community Consultation on the ITHI draft and measurement matrix
- Q3 2017 Incorporate community input into the paper
- Q4 2017 Hand off to the RIR engineering teams for implementation in accordance with guidance from the NRO EC
- H1 2018 tentative deployment

Steve Conte
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