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Hi team,

Please see the email from ssac (below).

Please let the list know what you all think, and any opinions or input you have.



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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Skills requirements input ideas for SSR2-RT

Hi Folks,

As we talked about in our informal get-together tomorrow, a few of us from SSAC have pulled together a list of skills applicable to doing a lot of the work you are tasked with from our own skills survey and own experiences.  This is informal and not an official SSAC communication, but rather represents input we gathered quickly from several of our members to help you with the issues we know you’ve been wrestling with on the area of necessary skills.  We also know that we have some SSAC members interested in joining the SSR2-RT to help with the next phase of your work to help fill some of the gaps you may have should the SO/AC Chairs wish to name more members, which I personally hope happens.  I will be sending this e-mail to the entire SSAC as well so they are up-to-speed on our assistance and individual members may have some further thoughts to add at some point.

I am sending this to the co-chairs and the SSAC appointees to SSR2 in order to make sure it gets disseminated, as I of course cannot send to the list itself.

Please feel free to get back to us with any questions - best through our appointees Geoff and Don so they can send those around and get feedback.

I, of course, stand ready to assist in any way I can in my personal capacity, and am happy to chat with any/all of you about ways some or all of us in SSAC can help or provide some advice.  We ALL want this to end with a highly successful review!




With this list we hope that the SSR2-RT can:

1. state which of its members has skills/experience in each area. (Suggest a Matrix: one axis with skills, other axis with members)
2. look at the its mandate points and tasks (notably the 28 recommendations from SSR1) and determine which skills/experience areas are relevant to each.  (Suggest a Matrix: one axis with recommendations/mandate/whatever, other axis with skill/experience.)

This exercise should reveal whether there are any gaps on the SSR2 team that need to be filled.

Some of the below are practice areas (such as Information Security).  Some are areas of subject expertise that are important to mention specifically (for example, directory services operations).  Some practice areas may assume or cover certain subjects.  (For example, risk analysis may assume knowledge of disaster planning and recovery.)   Didn’t want to get too granular.   In a matrix they could all be on one list, undifferentiated.
Practice areas:
Information Security (IS)
Information Technology (IT)
Project management
Security auditing and standards
Risk assessment / analysis
Data analytics
Contractual compliance

Subject expertise:
Network architecture/design and operations
Root server operations
Directory services operations
ICANN policy
ICANN strategic plan and budget
PTI functions
Internet protocols
Penetration testing

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