[Ssr2-review] Agenda for tomorrow’s meeting

Matogoro Jabera jaberamatogoro at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 14:38:15 UTC 2017

Dear Jennifer,

You deserve a credit, notes well captured.

This will be of help as we are re-structuring the process.


On 11/2/17, Jennifer Bryce <jennifer.bryce at icann.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please find attached the our notes from the outreach meetings.
> Best,
> Jennifer
> From: <ssr2-review-bounces at icann.org> on behalf of Denise Michel
> <denisemichel at fb.com>
> Date: Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 5:48 PM
> To: SSR2 <ssr2-review at icann.org>
> Subject: [Ssr2-review] Agenda for tomorrow’s meeting
> Hi All
> We’re still waiting for word from the SO/AC chairs on whether we’re still
> paused. That will impact our agenda.
> We’ll be reviewing results from our outreach meetings for sure, including
> SSAC’ skill list. Please be prepared to summarize comments from “your”
> SO/AC.
> (Staff – please share any notes you have from our outreach meetings)
> Eric and I will update the previous 3 Nov agenda we sent out when we have
> more info.
> As always your ideas and comments are appreciated.
> Denise Michel
> Sent via phone

Assistant Lecturer & Coordinator - Microsoft Innovation Center, Tanzania
College of Informatics and Virtual Education
The University of Dodoma (www.udom.ac.tz)

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