[Ssr2-review] initial text

Geoff Huston gih at apnic.net
Fri Nov 3 10:41:29 UTC 2017

Scope of the Review

We have been requested as part of the final actions of this review team before the requested pause takes effect to offer some comments about the scope of this review.

The fine level details of the scope of this review are, quite properly, the topic for the resumed review team, and it would be inappropriate for us to prejudge that effort, particularly as we understand that there will be an augmented team and potentially some changes in focus and timeline.

We would like to offer some general comments about the choices in the approach to scope that we hope will be helpful to the SO and AC chairs in considering the parameters associated with resuming this effort:

Breadth vs Depth: We believe that it is more helpful to look at breadth in such a review, and look at the broader aspects security, stability and resiliency rather then dive into depth in one or two issues

Capability vs Behaviours: We believe that is is more helpful in the context of this review to look at the capability of ICANN to manage issues related to security, stability and resilience rather than being prescriptive as to how ICANN should respond to particular circumstances

Competence vs Cases: We believe that it is more helpful to review the levels of awareness of security and security rather than perform a detailed [..]

We hope this is helpful to your efforts to […]

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