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Hi Bernie,

For some reason ICANN mailing list service doesn’t like me (even my mail
does have correct spf, DKIM and DMARC to proof authenticity). I have asked
Karen to raise this issue to the tech staff but it is even worse now. Can
you please forward the message bellow to the group. I hope I’ll have time
in La to fix this with ICANN staff.


Hello RT,

In principle, I agree with the position of the Board that SRR RT has no
mandate to check the operational capability and safety of ICANN's internal
systems. However, I personally do not know to what extent ICANN systems are
used for operational tasks related to unique Internet identifiers. I
believe that the meeting in Los Angeles will solve some of these dilemmas
and will help us to include in the final report only the findings that are
within our scope.

Also, in order to carry out tasks from the parts of the plan that are
OK’ed  by the Board, some inputs are needed from those parts that they have
identified as inadequate for the mission that this RT has. Basically I
agree, having in mind short time left until LA meeting, that we continue as
planned, and work with staff, Legal Dept. and the Board what should be in
our final report and what is out of scope. Anyway, those findings that are
not within RT mission, as stated in bylaws, may be useful for future
improvements of the security and stability of  ICANN internal systems and


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email was empty Zarko.


2017-10-03 18:50 GMT-04:00 Žarko Kecić <Zarko.Kecic at rnids.rs>:

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