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Thu Oct 5 15:17:40 UTC 2017

Dear Team Members:

As discussed, the co-chairs are preparing a brief email reply to the Board’s latest correspondence regarding the ICANN SSR Subgroup fact-finding meeting in LA Oct 9-10. Because we are so short on time, we’ve outlined the points we’ll make and invite any Team members to provide any comments they may have by COB today (PT). After we send the email, we intend to follow-up with more discussion after the workshop and a more fulsome correspondence to the Board.

  *   SSR mandate from ICANN’s bylaws to provide increased accountability and transparency of ICANN to its community for key aspects of ICANN’s work
  *   SSR2’s terms of reference modelled on bylaws and adopted by majority consensus
  *   Workplan and sub-group efforts flow from ToR
  *   ICANN SSR subgroup’s fact-finding mission at ICANN addresses SSR2’s bylaw obligation.
  *   Note Board concern about risks of exceeding SSR2 scope; Team discussed potential for over-reach while creating ToR, and reinforced Team’s commitment with text on gaining complete understanding of interconnected issues but then ensuring SSR2 recommendations are in-scope.
  *   After subgroup’s Oct 9-10 fact-finding mission, Team will discuss results and next steps.
  *   Look forward to discussing all this with the Board at ICANN 60 and getting more information on Board’s concerns

Denise & Eric

Denise Michel
Domain Name System Strategy & Management
Facebook, Inc.
denisemichel at fb.com<mailto:denisemichel at fb.com>

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