[Ssr2-review] Document requests for IANA subteam

James Gannon james at cyberinvasion.net
Mon Oct 9 08:48:44 UTC 2017

Hi All,

Just following up on the IANA sub team items, we would like to formalise the document requests from our Trello tasks here into a request for the following documentation, as identified in our meetings with PTI staff in Jo’burg:

  *   Business continuity plan for PTI.
     *   Plan for migration
     *   What kind of failure rollover documentation do you have. Day-to-day. Failure rollover.
  *   Processes and training.
     *   A presentation on training and processes documents to a good level of detail. To replace seeing the docs themselves.
  *   Documented evidence of business continuity test (if it exists)
  *   A high-level walk through of RZMS, from perspective of cc and gTLDs (to clarify issues)
  *   Field verification of RZMS – presentation on controls within the RZMS system
  *   Documentation that identifies procedures for verifying authorized contact.
  *   Presentation on relationship between PTI, ICANN and the root zone maintainer, post-transition (with roles and responsibilities, who works where, who have authority)


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