[Ssr2-review] Subgroup ICANN SSR: Fact-Finding Meeting 9-10 Oct. in LA

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Hi Boban, all,

We would like to socialize the summary of the ICANN SSR subgroup meeting last week in LA, provided in the email below, as it gives a nice overview of the meeting. To do so we would like to post it on the meeting page<https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=69277737> of the wiki and add it to the ‘Key News and Updates’ section of the wiki home page<https://community.icann.org/display/SSR/SSR2+Review>. This will allow us to link back to the summary in upcoming outreach communications regarding SSR2 and other reviews.

Please let us know if you have any objections to this approach.



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Subject: [Ssr2-review] Subgroup ICANN SSR: Fact-Finding Meeting 9-10 Oct. in               LA

    Dear all,

    The ICANN SSR Subgroup had a very productive two-day, fact-finding

    meeting at ICANN headquarter. The subgroup met with a number of ICANN

    staff subject matter experts (SME) and discussed a range of issues

    relating to the completeness and effectiveness of ICANN’s security

    processes and the effectiveness of the ICANN security framework

    (including activities connected to the SSR2 ToR and implementation of

    SSR1 recommendations). Topics were covered to varying degrees of detail

    as warranted; some topics were covered sufficiently and some will

    require follow-on discussions.

    The subgroup will update its contribution to the SSR2 work plan and post

    more fulsome documentation of how the subgroup’s work has advanced and

    issues that we’re preparing to bring to the full SSR2 Team for

    consideration. Note that some topics/discussions will be

    cross-referenced for other SSR2 subgroups (e.g. Security Framework and

    emerging threats apply to the Future Challenges Subgroup).

    Meanwhile, here’s a high-level summary of the fact-finding meeting. The

    subgroup reviewed, submitted questions & information requests about, and

    discussed early observations about:

    * ICANN’s Security Framework and emerging threats

    * ICANN’s Risk Management Framework

    * ICANN’s Business Continuity strategies, objectives, plans and procedures

    * ICANN’s operational planning and controls, and prioritized activity

    recovery strategy

    * ICANN’s Incident Response Structure

    * ICANN’s root server operations

    * ICANN’s Domain Division activities that relate to SSR objectives,


      * New gTLD program SSR-related safeguards

      * Emergency Back-End Registry Operator (EBERO), and related processes,

    and testing

      * Registry Data Escrow (RyDE) program and Data Escrow Agents (DEA)

      * Centralized Zone Data Service (CZDS) compliance, failures, plans

      * Vetting of registrar and registry operators as relates to SSR, and

    measurement & impact of malicious conduct by contracted parties, data

    breaches, etc.

      * SLA Monitoring System (SLAM)

      * Abuse reports, including SADAG and DAAR (Statistical Analysis of DNS

    Abuse & Domain Abuse Activity Reporting)

      * SSR objectives in ICANN’S standard operating procedures (SOP).

    As rapporteur and member of the subgroup ICANN SSR I would like to thank

    all SSRT2 members, ICANN staff and SME's for investing their time,

    preparing and attend at the meeting in LA.

    Thank you very much  - we have taken a significant step forward in our

    subgroup and our related topics.

    Best regrads,

                - Boban.


    Boban Kršić

    Chief Information Security Officer

    DENIC eG, Kaiserstraße 75-77, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY

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