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Please find below and email sent from the board to SO/AC leaders.

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Subject: Fwd: Background to the Board's letter to SSR2 review team pausing the review

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Subject: Background to the Board's letter to SSR2 review team pausing the review

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On behalf of the Board, set out below is the background to the letter we sent to the SSR2 Review Team. We hope that this background is helpful.

The Stability, Security, and Resilience Review now underway (SSR2) is intended to provide critical input needed to evaluate ICANN’s progress in fulfilling its core mission. Under the ICANN Bylaws, the composition of the review team is to be determined by the community through its Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees.  The ICANN Board takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard the integrity of this process and the independence of the review as well as to ensure that ICANN resources are deployed efficiently and effectively. 

In June, the ICANN Board wrote to the SSR2 team to express concern about the adequacy of the SSR2 work plan, terms of reference, and proposed scope.  We heard some of these same concerns from members of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee in late September, and the SSAC formally advised the Board about its concerns on October 4.  The Board’s Organizational Effectiveness Committee (OEC) forwarded this letter to SO/AC chairs on the same date, and indicated that it would be providing recommendations to the Board and discussing the concerns with SO/AC chairs in Abu Dhabi.    

On October 3, the Board wrote once again to the SSR2 team concerning its Subgroup 2 audit plan, which proposed to audit ICANN’s internal security policies and procedures.  We acknowledged that a general understanding of internal security at ICANN was relevant to the work of SSR2, but considered that an audit exceeded the scope of the review. The SSR2 team responded on 6 October.

Throughout October, the Board considered the SSAC’s advice and received recommendations from the OEC.  On October 27, as we gathered here in Abu Dhabi, members of the Board again met with SO/AC Chairs to convey the Board’s view that the SSR2 Review should be paused until the SOs and ACs had an opportunity to consider, in light of the expressed concerns, whether adjustments are needed to achieve the purpose of the review.  We realise that our message to the gathered chairs may not have been clear. 

The Board has not usurped the community’s authority with respect to this review. Rather, we are asking the SOs and ACs to consider the concerns we have heard and determine whether or not adjustments are needed.  We believe that a temporary pause in the SSR2 work while this consideration is under way is a sensible approach designed to ensure stakeholders can reach a common understanding on the appropriate scope and work plan, which will ensure the efficient use of ICANN’s resources as the review continues to fulfill its mission.

We stand ready to assist the SOs and ACs in any way so that stakeholders can resume the important work of the SSR review as soon as they are ready.


Chris Disspain
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