[Ssr2-review] NDA Form

Alice Jansen alice.jansen at icann.org
Tue Sep 26 13:54:50 UTC 2017

Dear SSR2,

As you requested during the planning call for ICANN SSR Sub-group LA meeting, below is the clarification in connection with the NDA.
The NDA form, dated 28 August 2017, is the final form from ICANN organization’s perspective.  ICANN legal worked with Kerry-Ann Barrett and James Gannon, the Review Team members authorized to work out the modifications to the NDA form, and incorporated feedback from Kerry-Ann and James.  Unless the Review Team has additional concerns or suggested edits, the finalized version of 28 August 2017 NDA form should be used by the Review Team members. The form is attached here for convenience.

If Review Team members do not execute an NDA prior to coming to LA for the ICANN SSR Sub-team meeting on 9-10 October, these individuals will be asked to leave the meeting during discussions that have confidential components.  Additionally, individuals that have not executed an NDA will not have access to documents deemed to be confidential.

Thank you,

Best regards

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