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Since IANA was a previous discussion topic, the review team may be interested in this guide.


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> ICANN Publishes Comprehensive Guide on What to Expect During the Root KSK Rollover
> What will happen when ICANN, for the first time ever, changes the cryptographic keys that helps protect the Domain Name System (DNS)? To answer that question, the ICANN organization has just published a guide to let people know what to expect. It describes which users are most likely to see problems, and among those - what types of issues they will face and the timing of when those issues might appear.  
> The operators of validating resolvers will likely derive the most benefit from the guide, as they seek clear direction on what to look for once the rollover is complete. Others who may benefit from the guide are: non-technical journalists, bloggers, researchers, and others who intend to write about the rollover before, during, and after the event. The guide can be accessed here <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015oWF5A6zdar5QZqh5VuSixY7Zsqij6k0f_rHw3D-5AOH-SMsPYJPmDcElJu1meKHPS6EEYuaZik6CMMvfDLjQSqN1X6818mlJIUBwl7uVLiGM9bWPMQv2oFtf6R-V-FvPk1N5InJdR-OV-rH8YA3NRJKpypAxkkGuIy35GQ257mDZo5goIMNGHXAKBDQeRJa9dhEnsceakU_NUy8hTVDhV7F_AGQvGp4XmkYVhRh0UxvHQsBm130r5ROfdcb2YFK&c=mG8cBVyuYNH2sVa005Lz9I0XdQE-SB6YR8ntddxUM3SmpuTePjslOQ==&ch=k6KwleMN-5O6ROPb77o42Ml1hlvtL05I5rkHZlIhnyET61bGI0FjhA==>. 

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