[Ssr2-review] Please review the first 5 SSR1 recommendations for the call tomorrow

k claffy kc at caida.org
Mon Sep 10 20:54:52 UTC 2018

On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 02:31:10PM -0400, Russ Housley wrote:
 > Last week, we talked about the information that we need to collect in a table.  I put together a template for the table, and asked the vice chairs to review it.  Attached is the resulting structure for the table.  At this point, I invite the whole review team to review it.  Is there anything that we need to capture that this does not capture?

i had wanted to contribute thoughts to last week's conversation
but the transcript is not posted yet, i was waiting for that.

i'm not sure about this suggestion, but... i'm wondering if
we should have a question that covers how hard it is to figure
out whether the recommendation was implemented?

as i was reading many of the recommendations, and ICANN's 
custom slide set descibing how "all of them are implemented",
i found myself thinking "it should not be this hard to 
figure out whether they did X appropriately." 

ideally, and i hope this is an SSR2 recommendation, there should 
be one public document to cover 'transparency and accountability 
wrt implementation of recommendations in this report'.

so maybe the 4 questions are (first 3 as worded in the doc):
(1) Execution 
(2) Assessment of Efficacy 
(3) Relevance and Current Needs
(4) Transparency and Accountability: How difficult is it for a member of the ICANN community to find out the answers to (1) and (2)?


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