[Ssr2-review] SSR2 Agenda 07 August 2019

Negar Farzinnia negar.farzinnia at icann.org
Wed Aug 7 03:00:59 UTC 2019

Dear SSR2 RT members,

Below is the agenda for the next SSR2 plenary call, scheduled for Wednesday 07 August at 14:00 UTC.

  1.  Welcome, roll call, SOI updates
  2.  Discuss the first three recommendations in the compliance work document
  3.  AOB
  4.  Confirm action items, decisions reached

Kind regards,

Negar Farzinnia
Director, MSSI Technical Reviews & Review Implementation
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Email: negar.farzinnia at icann.org
Skype: negar.farzinnia.icann

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