[Ssr2-review] Open letter from the Registries Stakeholder Group re DNS Abuse

ALAIN AINA aalain at trstech.net
Fri Aug 23 17:19:38 UTC 2019


> On 21 Aug 2019, at 11:44, Danko Jevtovic <danko.jevtovic at board.icann.org> wrote:
> I believe that this open letter can be of some interest to members of this review panel, as DNS abuse (security threats) has significant SSR connotations.
> As the letter mentions it is planned to be discussed in Montreal.

Thanks Danko.

Shall this be a topic for lengthy discussions ?
For me , "Security threats" actions against DNS cause "DNS abuse”. So not confusion about the 2  expressions. People should just be careful when referring to them. 

I await  the compliance/abuse sub-team report to see if we shall pay specific attention to this.


> Danko
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