[Ssr2-review] Questions From SSR2 Coming Soon

Russ Housley housley at vigilsec.com
Thu Jan 31 17:03:57 UTC 2019


SSR2 will be sending two batches of questions.  The first should arrive in the next few days, and the second should arrive in a week.  I am writing to ask for prompt answers.

As you know, SSR2 has not gone smoothly, but the whole SSR2 Review Team is striving to produce a quality report in a timely manner.  To do that, we need your help.  In the pat, the bulk of our questions have been answered by OCTO, so I am wring to you.  We recognize that some of the questions may require coordination with other parts of ICANN Org.

In the past, some of our questions have taken many months to receive responses.  Worse, in some cases, it has taken months to be told that the question was not understood.  Delay like this will put the SSR2 schedule in jeopardy.

If you look at the SSR2 Work Plan, you will see that we have a very tight schedule.  For the team to meet the schedule, I ask the following:

   1)  If clarifications are needed to understand a question, please get back to the team in a few days after receiving the question.

   2)  Most of the questions can be answered with a pointer to a document or web page.  For these questions, please respond to the team in one week.

   3)  A small number of the questions will require gathering information.  For these questions, please respond to the team in two weeks.

The SSR2 Review Team understands that you and your staff are busy, but we cannot produce a quality report on schedule without your assistance in gathering this information.

Thanks in advance,

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