[Ssr2-review] 30 May plenary call follow-up from tech writer

Angie Graves angie12345 at gmail.com
Thu May 30 15:11:20 UTC 2019

Dear SSR2 team members,

Per today's plenary call, I will be following-up with those who have been
assigned recommendations in the new, v3 draft, and whose recommendations
are either not yet included, or not yet ready for group review. The
objective is to have all recommendations ready for team review on next
week's plenary call.

Please see the attached for recommendation assignments made in Brussels.

SSR2_Recommendations-v3 is on Google Drive at:

I welcome any comments or questions you may have, as well as any requests
for assistance, so that a full set of ready recommendations are able to be
reviewed on next week's call.

Many thanks,

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