[Ssr2-review] Recommendations: Alignment with Strategic Plan

Weissinger, Laurin laurin.weissinger at yale.edu
Mon Jan 6 16:11:57 UTC 2020

Dear all, 

I added (in suggest mode) what I believe / consider to be the links to the strategic objectives in all cases where we had not done so. If you need a refresher, see my comment at the top of the recommendation table or scroll down.

In two cases, I consider the link somewhat strenuous (as commented) and would like to hear your view either via email or on call this week. 

All the best

1. Strengthen the security of the Domain Name System and the DNS Root Server System.

1.1 Strengthen DNS coordination in partnership with DNS stakeholders to improve the shared responsibility for upholding the security and stability of the DNS.
1.2 Strengthen DNS root server operations governance in coordination with the DNS root server operators.
1.3 Understand and mitigate security threats to the DNS through greater engagement with DNS hardware, software, and service vendors. 1.4 Increase the robustness of the DNS root zone key signing and distribution services and processes to meet growing security needs.

2. Strategic Objective: Improve the effectiveness of ICANN’s multistakeholder model of governance.

2.1. Address the increasing needs of inclusivity, accountability and transparency, while at the same time ensuring that work gets done and policies are developed in an effective and timely manner
2.2 Strengthen ICANN’s multistakeholder decision-making process.
2.3 Strengthen the inclusivity and openness of ICANN’s multistakeholder model by improving and sustaining diverse representation and active, effective participation.

3. Strategic Objective: Evolve the unique identifier systems to continue to serve the needs of the global Internet user base.

3.1 Encourage readiness for Universal Acceptance, IDN implementation, and IPv6 by increasing awareness to enable more end users to use the Internet.
3.2 Improve understanding of and responsiveness to new technologies by greater engagement with industry, academia, standards development organizations, and other relevant parties.
3.3 Continue to deliver and enhance the IANA functions with operational excellence. 3.4 Plan a properly funded, managed, and risk-evaluated new round of gTLDs.

4. Strategic Objective: Address geopolitical issues impacting ICANN’s mission to ensure a single, globally interoperable Internet.

4.1 Further develop early warning systems, such as ICANN org’s Legislative/Regulatory Development Reports, to identify and address global needs and threats, demonstrating ICANN’s trustworthiness in resolving the challenges within its remit in a timely manner.
4.2 Continue to build alliances in the Internet ecosystem and beyond to raise awareness, and equip stakeholders from around the world to become active participants in ICANN’s policy making.

5. Strategic Objective: Ensure ICANN’s long-term financial sustainability.

5.1 Enhance ICANN’s understanding of the domain name marketplace.
5.2 Strengthen cost management and financial accountability mechanisms.
5.3 Enhance ICANN’s financial planning model to better balance economic changes and stakeholders’ needs.

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