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Nathalie Peregrine nathalie.peregrine at icann.org
Wed Jun 12 20:44:13 UTC 2013

Dear all,

As a follow up to the At-Large Technology Taskforce Working Group call held on the 30th May 2013 and in preparation for the next call to be held on Monday 17th June 2013, please find below an overview of what LUCID offers now and what Second Rise, LUCID constructors are working on to improve LUCID.

What LUCID offers now :

*         A virtual meeting room with a light interface

*         Itemized agenda allowing notes and Action Items to be taken per agenda item

*         Time keeping feature throughout the call and set per agenda item

*         Post-meeting reports including: Notes, Action Items, Chat transcript.

*         Note taking responsibilities assignable to individual participants

*         Meeting invitations incorporated in the LUCID tool

*         A collective chat panel

What LUCID is working on:

*         Enabled audio VoIP (SiP only available at the moment)

*         Individual chat feature

*         Confluence support - allowing LUCID agenda content to be exported to Confluence, avoiding document duplicate on the WIKI and LUCID

*         Framework redesign - participants will be able to set the panels (chat, attendees etc) to the shape and place they prefer. The agenda item under discussion however, will not be mobile, and will remain the same for all participants

*         Panel title translation - in Spanish, Russian, French, simplified Chinese

*         Incorporated Doodle feature

*         Improving visibility of chat panel

The next At-Large Technology Taskforce Working Group call will be held on this coming Monday, the 17th June 2013. As there is no audio enabled in LUCID, please email staff if you require a dial out.

Dial out requests: Juan Manuel Rojas

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions,

Kind regards


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