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Gunela Astbrink g.astbrink at gsa.com.au
Mon Aug 25 01:26:14 UTC 2014

That's great news!

Will we be ensuring that people with disability are part of the call so 
that we get direct feedback? For example, Ken Hansen as an ICANN 
community member with a hearing impairment could give useful input. But 
other perspectives would also be welcome.

We still have barriers for blind people but the guidelines from Gerry 
Ellis are important to note with regard to web conferencing etiquette.

Thank you, Glenn and Judy for getting this moving.


Glenn McKnight said the following on 25/08/14 04:49 :
> Greetings
> As a followup to the  Accessibility Taskforce   the  members of the
> Technical Taskforce  will be  doing a   demonstration  on Sept  8th, @
> 11:00 Est  of  two  tools  to help run  online  conference  meetings
>   which are more  inclusive to the disabled.
> The  normal  announcement will be  sent out by  staff in advance of the
>   meeting with the Adigo and the Adobe Connect  details
> Demonstration One:  Adobe  Connect Pod
> Demonstration  Two:  Captions  First
> Presenter
> Roy K. GRAVES____
> Vice President____
> roy.graves at captionfirst.com <mailto:roy.graves at captionfirst.com>____
> Phone: 877-825-5234 <tel:877-825-5234>____
> Direct: 719-481-9835 <tel:719-481-9835>
> As  background information,  Judith  has  done some preliminary work on
> these products.
> Judith's  previous  email  below...
> Adobe caption pods in adobe connect.
> https://blogs.adobe.com/connectsupport/how-to-use-adobe-connect-captioning-closed-caption-pod/
> According to this site, the Adobe caption pods which are extensions are
> available free of charge to Adobe Connect customers. With the Adobe
> Connect Closed Caption Pods extension from Adobe ensures that
> participants who are deaf or hard of hearing may fully participate in
> online meetings and events.
> To download the pod/extension click on this link
> https://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect/feature-details/closed-captioning.htm
> Meeting organizers hire professional captioning services from providers
> such as the Media Access Group at WGBH, Caption Colorado, and Caption
> First. Professional stenographers join the Adobe Connect meeting or
> teleconference to listen to the audio and transcribe the information
> using specialized stenographer’s keyboards. This information is
> transmitted to a captioning server,  This YouTube video shows how it is
> done. They are using Caption Colorado when we will be using Caption
> First for our demo
> The captions are transmitted to the Adobe Connect Meeting and viewed by
> the end users. Meeting participants have the ability to customize the
> caption font size and color settings to enhance readability.
> Participants can even skip back to re-read previous captions and then
> fast forward to the current captions. Participants may individually
> choose to display or not to display captions on their individual screen.
> Participants can optionally save the captions as a transcript and
> download them at the conclusion of a meeting.
> In closing
> I will contact   Captions  First  to ask them to join us.  for the call.
> Thanks
> Glenn McKnight
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