[technology taskforce] [Accessibility-wg] A Google Tech talk by Haben Girma on Designing Technology with Accessibility in Mind

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:-) Thanks for the link, Judith


For this reason, at the #Icann53 Public Forum I ask Icann and Isoc to lead a mega call for a “ICTs for disAbility Task Force Worldwide ” .


There are many initiatives, but not enough synergy, so the results are smaller and slow. 


One tool is necessary is a “Client Centered System for Human Beings with disAbility”. We are not yet using Internet as a digital tool, we use it as a regular library. The Community of Human Beings with disAbility (3.500.000.000 Members) lose too much time SEARCHING for information they need to continue their lives. The system will GIVE them the PERSONAL INFORMATIONS the need. 


Until today the developers don’t know who are all the people need their tools. Who need a specific tool, don´t know who have it. 


If we do a similar project of the MIT OLPC , something like One Device per Each  Human Being with disAbility, the hardware industry will produce near devices ,in a collaborative away, with many workers with disAbility, creating a Virtuous Circle.  


It is one of the reason why we are working in the #REUNAMOSFestivals www.reunamos.com , to develop a worldwide synergy. 


At REUNAMOS Knowledge disAbility Technology we are researching and promoting this kind of tools since May 20th , 2010, after a  9 years of international investigation about the communication’s next step


Love, Light and Laughter!  


Jorge Carcavallo


 <http://www.reunamos.com> www.reunamos.com
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HI All,

An excellent talk by Haben Girma on Designing Technology with Accessibility in Mind. It is a talk to gave at Google.  She gave the talk to teach tech developers about designing accessible technology

https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=23 <https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=23&v=44VEwsBfux0> &v=44VEwsBfux0


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