[technology taskforce] Outcomes from the TTF session at ICANN53

Dev Anand Teelucksingh devtee at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 13:56:28 UTC 2015

Thanks Ariel, another one to add is Alfredo Calderon <
calderon.alfredo at gmail.com> from NARALO to the TTF list.

Welcome, Tracy, Tracey and Jimmy!

Kind Regards,

Dev Anand

On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 9:43 AM, Ariel Liang <ariel.liang at icann.org> wrote:

> Hello Dev,
> Jimmy, Tracy and Tracey have been added to the TTF list.
> Thank you,
> Ariel
> From: Dev Anand Teelucksingh <devtee at gmail.com>
> Date: Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 5:53 PM
> To: Technology Taskforce WG <ttf at atlarge-lists.icann.org>
> Subject: [technology taskforce] Outcomes from the TTF session at ICANN53
> Dear All,
> Thanks to all that attended the At-Large Technology Taskforce (TTF) session
> on Monday June 22 2015 at ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The TTF
> agenda page at https://community.icann.org/x/V5o0Aw has a link to the
> slides presented at that session.
> It was well attended by many persons from ICANN who participated in the
> discussions:
> Ashwin Rangan, Chris Gift, Laura Bengford, Jef Salem, Josh Baulch, Samuel
> Suth, Josh Jenkins.
> Many thanks to them also.
> Just to note some of the AIs from the meeting
> - Judith, Glenn and Dev and staff to work on a message for Outreach for
> AC/SOs to join the Task Force
> - add Jimmy Schulz from EURALO to the TTF list
> - post TTF AI : add Tracey Hackshaw (GAC) and Tracey Hinds (GAC
> Secretariat) to the TTF list
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