[technology taskforce] ICANN54 Meeting app

Jimmy Schulz jimmy.schulz at digital-guerilla.org
Sun Oct 18 11:52:51 UTC 2015


Am 18.10.15 um 10:54 schrieb Chris Gift:

> - did it work on your device?

Yes, iphone 5s ios 8.4.1
Yes, wiko Rainbow Android 4.4.2

> - did you experience any problems during the week?

Not yet

> - are there any accessibility issues with the app?

not yet

> - did it improve your meeting experience?


> - did it meet your expectations and needs? (If anyone can comment on accessibility that would fantastic.)


> - what's missing?

* Groupchat

* "Your schedule" better view
  - sugestion: the quick view as presnted on the start page *and* a
    more detailed view like the normal schedule
  - quick view on start page the day is missing wich might be confusing

* Nice to have
  - Webinterface (especially chat)
  - exporting contacts and dates into contact and calendar apps

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