[technology taskforce] ICANN54 by the numbers ; up to 2426 devices connected, 50TB downloaded and more

Dev Anand Teelucksingh devtee at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 18:40:44 UTC 2015

Michele Neylon blogged about some ICANN54 stats :

"ICANN is all about the internet, so as you’d expect there’s a lot of
bandwidth and the setup for the venue is always going to be a
logistical feat.

I reached out to ICANN’s team to get some of the numbers from this
week’s meeting:

2395 attendees
2426 devices connected to the network at peak
49.8 TB Down / 39.5 TB Up – bandwidth consumed
7 tons of physical equipment
380 Microphones
450 International power strips
2700 Outlets
6.5km of cabling
5km of tape
90 Wireless access points
36 VoIP phones
16 printers
16 remote cameras
50 laptops
55 Mac minis for remote participation services

ICANN meeting attendees are very international and the languages team
does an amazing job of doing simultaneous interpretation. This time
round they dealt with:

English 258 hours
Spanish 89 hours
French 76 hours
Arabic 67 hours
Russian 64 hours
Portuguese 59 hours
Chinese 59 hours

For some reason we seem to all be Apple fans, at least judging by the
breakdown of operating systems that connected to the network:

Apple 62%
Android 23%
Windows 15%"

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