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Thanks Glenn for sharing.
Kind regards.
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    On Monday, March 28, 2016 1:29 AM, Glenn McKnight <mcknight.glenn at gmail.com> wrote:

   - Canva—create images with text overlays and other graphics
   - Infogram—create interactive charts and infographics
   - Over—create images with text overlays on phone and tablet
   - Noun Project—inexpensive icons
   - Icon Finder—inexpensive icons
   - iStock—inexpensive stock photos and illustrations
   - Pictaculous—create color palettes from photos
   - Flickr—photography in the creative commons (see attached screenshot for how to search creative commons photos)
   - GIFmaker.me - Create and generate GIFs
   - Colorstock—stock photography featuring people of color
   - Pixlr
   - Social media image sizes

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