[technology taskforce] FY'19 Additional Budget Requests - Process has Started

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Hi All

We have submitted proposals which have been funded. ie. Captioning, Policy
Tracking and   LACRALO Mailing List issues

Dev suggested a  Open Data analysis of ICANN pages and an improved group
chat ie. Mattermost or SLACK.  .  I support these two ideas and we can
flesh them out.



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On Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 1:05 PM, Judith Hellerstein <judith at jhellerstein.com
> wrote:

> Dear TTF Members,
> The FY19 Additional Budget Request process has started.  This process
> pertains to a dedicated part of the overall ICANN annual budget that is set
> aside to fund specific requests from the community for activities that are
> not already included in the recurring ICANN budget. FY19 Additional Budget
> Requests cover the period 1 July 2018 through 30 June 2019.
> Last year the TTF along with Outreach and Engagement put in two requests
> one was for the LACRALO Translation project which ICANN staff decided to
> take on and a second was a request for a policy tracking proposal and while
> it did not get funded since ICANN was doing a similar process it did get us
> noticed.  We can put this in again or if others have any other ideas would
> be great to hear them
> The relevant information is available on the At Large Special Budget
> Request Wiki Page
> <https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+FY19+Additional+Budget+Request+Workspace>,
> including the key deadlines, details of the process, principles and the
> request template.
>  *IMPORTANT:*  The members of the ALAC Finance and Budget Sub-Committee
> (FBSC) agreed to the following criteria for At-Large proposals:
>    - Outreach should not be a major focus. Activities to improve
>    engagement with existing members is encouraged.
>    - If any request is made on outreach, it should probably go through
>    the CROP program and not this special request process.
>    - Proposals should include ways in which will make the ALAC and/or the
>    At-Large community more effective and develop the At-Large community.
>    - RALO requests must go through a bottom up process within their RALO
>    prior to being submitted for consideration by the FBSC.
>    - They must be explicitly supported by the RALO representatives on the
>    FBSC.
>    - Staff is currently expecting that basic resources for community
>    communications/printing will be supported through the core ICANN budget,
>    but that community proposals for printing, etc. will be accepted as a
>    back-up in case expectations change.  Specific proposals for communications
>    resources beyond simple printing and editing functions should be prepared
>    and submitted.
>  *IMPORTANT:*  *Between now and January 12, 2018 the RALOs and WG's are
> asked to review any ALS request or complete a template on behalf of the
> RALO and send requests to At-Large Staff <staff at atlarge.icann.org>.*
> These proposals will be discussed with the FBSC starting on January 15
> Any revisions to accepted proposals need to be sent to the FBSC for final
> review by January 19, 2018.
> The FBSC to review all the RALO requests on January 29
> I hope to hear from others with suggestions of proposals that we could
> submit. We will also hold a meeting in January.
> Judith Hellerstein
> Chair of the Technology Task Force
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