[technology taskforce] ICANN 58 event mobi app vs https://schedule.icann.org

Justine Chew justine.chew at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 16:30:01 UTC 2017

Hi Judith,

Thanks for your reply and yes, it
​also clarifies
 why there were 2 ICANN57 apps back in November.

Unfortunate for us on the continued deficiencies in tools used for ICANN
conferences. And I suspect the event mobi app may serve on-site
participants' needs better than remote participants'.

​I was hoping we'd get to at least try CrowdCompass ......​ and yes, we
should keep pressing.


Justine Chew

On Mar 3, 2017 9:25 PM, "Judith Hellerstein" <judith at jhellerstein.com>

Hi Justine,

Yes you are correct. The event mobi app does not do that at all. It never
has. This has been an issue from day 1. That is why they went with two apps
last year, the sched ap and the event mobi one. That proved problematical.
However, if your goal was to synch your sessions with your calendar than
the browser which s usung the sched engine will do that.  It creates a
separate calendar which can be imported into your ical and google calendars
as well as others.  It is very good and also gets updated as new sessions
are put into the main icann 58 schedule.  It is really too bad icann is
continuing with this app.  The ttf last year did a review of apps and found
some much better ones which we told the meetings staff but they have not
responded. What we can do is to keep pressing them to either invest in an
app that works or get a new one that works froml the getgo


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On Mar 3, 2017, at 2:55 AM, Justine Chew <justine.chew at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all,

The ICANN 58 event mobi mobile app doesn't seem to synch with the
browser-based scheduling system @ https://schedule.icann.org/ -- as in none
of the sessions I have earmarked for my schedule @
https://schedule.icann.org/ appears accordingly in the event mobi app after
I log in. The mobile app prompts me to again select the sessions I want to
include in My Schedule.

Am I missing something?


Justine Chew

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