[technology taskforce] Fellowship program could benefit from our help

thomascovenant ttf at thomascovenant.org
Wed Nov 8 19:14:22 UTC 2017

Hi Mahdi,

I fully agree that communication between fellows should be easy and, if
possible, already familiar to them.

The platform choice comes from the program itself. May I also point out
that official communication channel shouldn't be censored in fellow's
home country? Alternatives are good to have, as backup to start with.

This round new fellows didn't have a mailing list: first there was a
list of emails, then BCC.

I would say that at this point Program is in dire need of technological


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On 08.11.2017 07:30, Mahdi Taghizadeh wrote:
> Dear Thomas,
> Thank you for your suggestion. Type of communications between fellows is
> more informal and we don't need to have a history of them; this is the
> reason the program is relying on tools like Facebook and WhatsApp that
> many people are already using it and are familiar enough with.
> We also need to keep in mind that many fellows in each round are
> newcomers that don't know enough about the communication mechanisms
> within the ICANN; so it would be hard to make them use some alternatives.
> Both new fellows and alumni have separate mailing lists and this is the
> formal channel for the fellows and staff to communicate.
> /Mahdi Taghizadeh/
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> On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 2:00 AM, thomascovenant <ttf at thomascovenant.org
> <mailto:ttf at thomascovenant.org>> wrote:
>     Hi everyone,
>     it was great to see many of you in person at ICANN60.
>     I am following up on my session suggestion - is it within
>     our scope to work together with Fellowship program?
>     If yes, I think some of the following might be of help:
>     - secure personal data handling and storage
>     - adding encryption possibility (generate key, encrypt if requested)
>     - alternative means of communication that would be inclusive towards
>     FOSS people joining the force:
>     a bit about FB/Google/Whatsapp downsides and alternatives, perhaps
>     trying out new things together
>     - mailing list for new Fellows, why it is a better alternative to
>     having a list of emails and how to manage a list
>     I believe positive constructive outreach will be useful. o/
>     What do you think?
>     Have a nice week,
>     thomas
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