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Dear all*,*

As you may already know
ICANN is replacing the Adobe Connect tool with Zoom. As with all
transitions, there will be a learning curve for community members as well
as for staff but through the tools, information and proposed next steps
outlined below, we hope we can make this transition is as smooth as
possible. The complete roll out is expected to be finalized by ICANN65,
Marrakech, however many groups will be noticing their calls scheduled on
Zoom as of next week.

Please see below a few pointers which we hope will help get everyone ready.

*How is staff preparing for the transition?*

Staff has received training, has viewed training videos and has had the
opportunity to go through practice runs in Zoom rooms. This should
facilitate our assistance in getting you all up to speed and work with the
different groups on transitioning existing practices to the zoom

*What is available to the community to prepare for the transition?*

Staff is reaching out to Stakeholder Group and Constituency, as well as PDP
Working Group, leadership teams to introduce them to Zoom and ensure they
will be comfortable running their first sessions with this new tool.

Staff will also present Zoom to community members at the beginning of each
conference call to ensure all understand the different functions and how to
use them. The attached Welcome to Zoom! document will be presented at the
same time. SOAC Support staff will be present during each call to assist.

*What stays the same? (please open the Welcome to Zoom! document for a

Zoom rooms still show participant and chat pods. The public chat pods will
be archived and circulated as per usual, the private chat content remains
inaccessible to ICANN Org staff).

Documents can still be viewed in the Zoom room but please note that this
sharing is a screen share which means it is no longer possible to scroll
through documents unless the person who is sharing their screen does so.

It is possible to join the audio via audio bridge (telephone) or via the
computer. Zoom VoIP quality is excellent.

It will still be possible to get a dial out for those unable to connect to
the Zoom room.

*What changes? (please open the Welcome to Zoom! And the FAQ documents)*

Participants need to click on the participant list and the chat to activate
them. This just takes two seconds.

The content of the chat only appears from participant connection time. This
means if you joins 4 mins late, you will not be able to access the first 4
mins of the chat. Zoom is notified of this and is looking into resolving
the issue. The entire content of the chat transcript will however be
available immediately after the end of the call once it gets posted /
circulated by the host.

Several documents can be viewed at the same time if several staff members
are screensharing, this will allow you to navigate (as applicable) to
Notes, Agenda and Documents in your own time during the call.

Documents will be able to be shared via the chat to allow all to download
materials to their computers during the call.

The mobile app does not require you to remain in the app in order to hear
the zoom room audio.

*Please open the attached FAQ document for any additional queries you may
have. *

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please let us know –
our objective is to make sure this transition is as smooth as possible.

 Kind regards,

The GNSO Team

Nathalie Peregrine

Manager, Operations Support (GNSO)

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Email: nathalie.peregrine at icann.org

Skype: nathalie.peregrine.icann

Find out more about the GNSO by taking our interactive courses and visiting
the GNSO Newcomer pages

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