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Judith Hellerstein judith at jhellerstein.com
Thu Dec 10 17:30:14 UTC 2020

HI TTF members,

It is that time of the year when we have to think about which projects we would 
like to apply to have funding to implement. We have had a mixed bag of 
successes.  Sometimes we have put in a request because we have not gotten 
priority on staff time to devote to it or because it entailed the IT team to 
hire a consultant to work on the project.

Some suggestions for this year could be to fund the development of the AFRALO 
Translation Engine

We are already putting in under ALAC for RTT in English and hope to add Spanish 
and French this year

Are there other projects that people have in mind that we could seek funding 
for?  The deadline is in the end of the first week of January for the At Large 
project as we have additional approval process that was implemented to vet all 

Would love to start discussion on these ideas. So please send in your ideas.



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