[technology taskforce] [At-Large] Ars Technica : Google is messing with the address bar again—new experiment hides URL path

Jonathan Zuck JZuck at innovatorsnetwork.org
Tue Jun 16 06:17:04 UTC 2020

I think it would be a hard case to make that this is somehow bad for end users.  What matters most to them is seeing that it’s a domain they trust and that can be quite obscured with a full URL.

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Subject: Re: [At-Large] Ars Technica : Google is messing with the address bar again—new experiment hides URL path

If we are supposed to be looking after end users, why aren’t we outraged that we can’t see the full URL - particularly since Google is most likely trying to   hide how pervasive it is in everyone’s lives


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Another nail...
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Subject: [At-Large] Ars Technica : Google is messing with the address bar again—new experiment hides URL path

"It looks like Google is trying to mess with the URL bar again. As spotted by Android Police<https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/06/12/google-resumes-its-senseless-attack-on-the-url-bar-hides-full-addresses-on-chrome-canary/>, new flags in the developer versions of the popular browser now want to hide the URL path. So for an article like this one, instead of "https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/06/google-is-messing-with-the-address-bar-again-new-experiment-hides-url-path/," the address bar would show "arstechnica.com<http://arstechnica.com/>."


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