[technology taskforce] Zoom launches Zoom Apps - apps you can install and run within Zoom

Dev Anand Teelucksingh devtee at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 16:04:48 UTC 2021

 Zoom has launched its "app store" to allow third-party apps to be embedded
within the
Zoom Meetings from the host and desktop clients. According to ProductHunt

" Zoom Apps is supported both in the Zoom desktop and meeting client. We’ve
placed an app store right in the client for easy discovery, and you can add
an app on the fly during a meeting. Most of the apps support meeting
workflow -- enabling contextual collaboration before, during and after a
meeting. When using an app, you can Screen Share with a click, and Send it
to get the team on the same page, whiteboard or multiplayer experience."

You can browse the Zoom Apps here :

Some interesting ones that could be used for At-Large (some are free but
some require paid subsciption) :

Timer : https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/cXw5IXmqT6SIIBQxgM_PfQ
Timer enables you to set timers, screenshare timers, and ensure your
meeting isn't going overboard. The Timer App features a sleek countdown
animation and a water-like alarm when the time is up.

The use of this is obvious to ensure meeting agenda times are kept to time
and speaking times for persons in a speakers' queue. This is from Zoom so
its likely to be free

Mentimeter : https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/D6gsxPEXS8eNr9d6gNFCIg
Use Polls, Wordclouds, Q&A and more to engage attendees with real-time

I saw Mentimeter in use at the NASIG at Montreal so having it built in
should make it easier to get feedback from attendees.

Grain - https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/byX3PeXyTzeYr-_d9oXF9Q
Turn Zoom Meeting transcripts and recordings into shareable collaborative
docs with video highlights and capture centralized team knowledge.Create
highlight clips and take collaborative notes during Zoom meetings. Supports
import of past Zoom meetings to generate transcripts. highlights and
stories. Free tier but subscription required for more features and usage.

This could be good for sharing quick clips of At-Large meetings on At-Large
Social Media or as post meeting teasers to the WG members that didn't make
the call and/or drum up interest to
global At-Large.

Luma Teams https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/z6YgsbM8QWakKFVoKjgmXw
Luma captures a live stream of your Zoom interviews to provide automated
highlights, insights (such as talk time, word usage, etc.), and coaching
opportunities. When the interview is over, you'll be able to rewatch it in
Luma and share highlights with your team.

This might be a stronger use case for Nomcom for their interview processes
but could be useful for training persons.

Rev https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/BbsBuNG2Qt6_mT0NECXRUg
Does live transcription (seems AI based), and has a searchable transcript
with speakers identified and ability to click at the transcript to hear the

Meeting Metrics   https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/mCspfLa3R1SpW7Rz_FU7Eg
Meeting Metrics tracks talk time across all of your meetings to help you
learn how to lead more inclusive and effective conversations online.

Thoughts ?

Dev Anand Teelucksingh
Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society at https://ttcs.tt/
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