Berkeley variant of time zone stuff

seismo!vianet!devine seismo!vianet!devine
Thu Apr 2 22:12:35 UTC 1987

  I just finished reading Keith Bostic's posted patches for 4.[23] time
functions.  I disagree with the way that a compiled-in table is still
used if the TZ env variable is not defined.

  Such tables should be extirpated.  Note that the new 1987 version of
when Daylight Saving Time starts **is not a national law**.  Each state
can decide to use the first or last Sunday in April to start DST.  Each
state may decide to even have DST.  One lesson the should be learned is
that DST rules are extremely changeable.  The future holds more possible
changes: presidential years may have timezone-dependent DST; Colorado
may decide to use year-'round DST (the bill was just introduced last week).

  Will Berkeley issue a new series of code patches every time a change occurs?

Bob Devine

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